S. Mowery:

David Yen was very helpful in guiding me toward a proper and knowledgeable tax strategy while abroad, and I continue to use him while not abroad. He was forthcoming with information and, where my unique industry was new to him, he did the research to properly deal with it.

M. Edelman:

I used to do my own tax, what a headache! David can take care of all of that for you. Since I started using Dave I have also saved money on my taxes even after his fee due to his expertise and extensive knowledge of US tax regulations. I highly recommend his service.

R. Shields:

As an expat working in China, my tax situation is complicated. I am a
reasonably educated guy but trying to stay abreast of the policies that
apply to US citizens abroad is headache inducing. David has helped me immensely in filing my taxes and providing counsel. He’s responsive, knowledgeable, and client focused. I’d recommend him without reservation.

W. Stevenson:

David has helped me consistently with my ever evolving expat overseas taxes.
He has resolved both technical and personal aspects at critical and decisive moments and has helped bring to clarity favorable outcomes with my specific challenges.

R. Turrin:

David has done a fabulous job on my US tax returns for the past two years.  He is professional, thorough, detail oriented and very accessible. I  think that what impressed me most is that David returned emails at all  hours of the day and was extremely responsive to any requests for  information. In addition, he gave me tax avoidance strategies and some  great overall advice on financial planning. David is an absolute pleasure  to work with and I look forward to working with him next year.

Y. Zhu:

作为US Abroad Tax的客户, 在过去的若干年里我得益于US Abroad Tax一流质量的专业服务-要提到的是, 我是一个小客户.

基于我自己从US Abroad Tax得到的价值, 我一直向我的家人亲朋好友推荐US Abroad Tax – “接地气” “了解中国大环境和专业领域小环境” “方案高度可操作性” “服务最高级别的专业性”

例如, US Abroad Tax在短时间里帮助我梳理清楚了复杂税务情况, 特别是David Yen丰富的经验, 高度的专业造诣, 和广泛的跨界的人脉资源.

US Abroad Tax是真正意义上的值得信赖的专家顾问.

I have been a client with US Abroad Tax for a number of years. I have recommended its service to my family and friends and would recommend to anyone who seek proven-practical highly-implementable advice from a true China expert with highest professional service.

US Abroad Tax provided professional services helping me with my complex tax situation. I benefited from David Yen’s rich experiences, in-depth knowledge and extensive professional network.

US Abroad Tax is truly a trusted advisor for its clients.

W. C. Youse:

I used to dread tax time until I met David. He has helped me to navigate the tricky situation of having to pay taxes to two governments. I highly recommend his services to any expat making five or more figures. Whatever he charges you, will be pennies on the dollars he’ll save you!

D. Krassenstein:
Without exaggeration, David goes above-and-beyond for his clients. He is an expert on US Tax Law. Once you are his client, you are family and he uses his knowledge and experience to your advantage.